Survival of the Dead (review), which marked Romero's sixth film in his popular and, I'm sad to say, incredibly overdone ...Deadfranchise, was a relatively lackluster affair that wasn't met with much more than a simple shrug of the shoulders and a less than enthusiastic "meh." Despite this, it IS a new ...Dead film, so people will most likely be eager for the DVD release, especially if your goal is to collect all six of the films. It was recently announced that the film will hit shelves on Blu-ray and DVD on August 24th, courtesy of Magnet Releasing, but thanks to a scoop from Fangoria, we now have the specs, and they are indeed a doozy.

The two-disc set will contain your usual special features, with the first containing:

- An introduction by Romero
- Audio commentary from Romero, actor Kenneth Welsh, executive producer Peter Grunwald, film editor/executive producer Michael Doherty and stunt coordinator/2nd-unit director/actor Matt Birman
- Audio commentary from Romero and Steve Barton of Dread Central
- A featurette called "Time with George"
- A look at Survival of the Dead from HDNet
- Optional menus: zombies and humans

While this is all well and good, it is the second disc, I think, that contains the good stuff.

- "Walking After Midnight" full-length documentary
- "Sarge" short film
- interviews with Romero
- Storyboard Comparisons
- "How to Create Your Own Zombie Bite" by Backyard FX
- "A Minute of Your Time" shorts:

A Message to Sitges
Midnight Madness
Zombie Walks
Welsh Wisdom
A Bloody Mess
Horsing Around
Getting to Location
Undead Interview
A Just Reward
Bang Your Head
A Man in Uniform
Fanboy at Heart
A Little Swim

Prices for the single DVD will run you $26.98, while the Ultimate edition will cost....only three bucks more. While the price of the two disc Blu-ray seems decent, $26.98 for a single disc in either format seems incredibly excessive.

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