Live concert meets rom-com -- that is the premise behind Canadian Bruce MacDonald's buzzed-about NXNE film. The conceit of 'This Movie is Broken' involves weaving a rom-com storyline into the songs and images from a Broken Social Scene concert. The loose script features several young Torontonians lost in love as they're trying to make it to the show. The motives and ambitions of the project have raised a collection of critical eyebrows, but just the idea of a BSS concert film has fans reeling with anticipation.

Bruce MacDonald's take on how to capture a live concert on film will certainly go down as an original concept, but will audiences respond positively? The Canadian director has experimented before with music movies, with projects like 'Roadkill', 'Robbie Robertson Road Songs', and the Canadian classic 'Hardcore Logo'.

Poised to shoot everyone's favorite interchangeable act on Toronto Island in the summer of 2009, everything about the project was uncertain. Funding, location changes, and concept concerns swirled in a hurricane of chance, and now that the storm has cleared, 'This Movie is Broken' is the documentary left to ponder.
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