If you caught our Cinematical Movie Club chat with Rian Johnson about The Brothers Bloom last month, you learned of a little project called The Life of the World to Come. In Rian's words:
It's a performance film I made over the summer with one of my favorite bands, The Mountain Goats. We shot John Darnielle playing the entire album front to back in one continuous take, in a performance space at Pomona College where he had given his first piano recital at the age of 8. It's a beautiful album, and I hope the film captures in an intimate way part of what's special about seeing John play live. Also (and I don't mean to rub this in if there are any Mountain Goats fans reading this) when we shot it I basically got a private concert from John, which was just about the coolest thing in the world.
The film has been screened at a handful of locations this past spring, before getting a tiny DVD release of 1500 copies on Record Store Day back in April. However, because the Internet can be so darned splendid at times, you can check the movie out for yourself, in its entirety, after the jump. It's sweet and simple, just Darnielle sitting at the piano, playing and singing the album with the vocal help of Rachel Ware. At times, Johnson just stands and records, while other times he moves the camera in such a way that it's as if you're on-stage watching your own performance since there are no cuts nor fancy edits. (Though the embed segments the piece by song.)

But we warn you: This is a part of the website's One Week Only segment, so check it out while you still can.