It's Friday. You're looking for a way to waste a few hours at work before you can check out for the weekend. I understand, and I got you covered. Click through to Good Show Sir, a site that believes (rightfully so) that "conflicts of focal points, lettering choices, false perspectives, anatomical befuddlement, ridiculous transport vehicles, oversized and frankly unusable monster-hunting weaponry, clothing choices that would get you killed walking down the street let alone hiking a through a frozen wasteland, clichéd cat-people, and downright bad art deserve their own special form of tribute."

The site has but three criteria that a cover must meet to be included (1) so much going on it burns your eyes, (2) terrible art, and (3) epic things happening. Good Show Sir is as fun a site as you'd expect with rules like that, and I guarantee that there's plenty of slacking-off fodder to be found there.

By the way, if you find anything better than the above drawing of Retief - The Galactic Machiavelli!, let me know in the comments.
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