Dermot MulroneyPerhaps he's swept up in soccer fever, but actor Dermot Mulroney is sliding right into his next directing project: According to The Hollywood Reporter, he'll be taking a look at the life of soccer star-turned-politician George Weah. Principal photography just wrapped on Mulroney's directorial debut, 'Love Wedding Marriage,' which saw the actor in familiar romantic comedy territory. A Weah biopic would be quite a departure in tone.

"Man can't live on romantic comedies alone," Mulroney, an avid soccer fan, told the Reporter. "It was a good starter kit for me as a director. But if I'm actually going to have legs as a director, I need to do the same things as I've done as actor: one of everything." After a year of negotiations, a deal was finally reached for Weah's life story in Miami, where the former soccer star is attending college.
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