I chose a thirty-minute movie for this week's Horror Squad Movie Club -- but don't let that fool you. The length of the film does not dictate the long lasting impact that Nacho Cerdà's Aftermath will have on you. The movie is a stunning visual exploration of one man's dark and violent sexual obsession with the dead. If you watch the film expecting a Spanish Nekromantik, you'll be seriously disappointed. Instead, Cerdà offers one of the most realistic and graphic depictions of a coroner/necrophiliac's unpleasant relationship with a dead woman in a morgue.

I told you guys that I would watch the movie with you on Twitter tonight, but really the film should be appreciated without idle Internet chat. Instead, let's meet back here on Monday where I'll host a live discussion of the film (and whatever else you'd like) at 10 PM, ET. I hope you can make it.

This isn't an easy film to watch, so you've been warned. Pop in your DVD this weekend, or find Aftermath on Netflix Watch Instantly. See you Monday!
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