From the guy who pointed you towards Flickchart and got all geeky over (me!) comes another recommendation that you simply must listen to if you have more movie opinions than you know what to do with. It's, an outlet that combines some of the more amusing aspects of the Facebook, the Twitter, the Foursquare -- combined with the raw database power of the IMDb, the Amazon, and the Wikipedia.

Since the internet clearly exists for little more than telling total strangers what you're doing every 21 minutes, combines this "stay in touch!" approach with a massive website full of choices in the realms of music, television, literature, video games, websites, restaurants, general topics, and (most important of all) movies. Glorious movies, which GetGlue wants you to "like, dislike, or favorite," and then your choices are fed into a magical tree full of mystical trolls, and then *voila* you get a nifty bunch of legitimate recommendations based on your own tastes. The more stuff you rate, the more intuitive the recommendation system becomes. You can also sift through your friends' votes and soon you'll be recommending / discovering tons of stuff you just might like to read / play / watch / listen to.

Oh, and it gets geekier still. There's a handy-dandy toolbar to help make your dis/liking more convenient, a very smooth Facebook/Twitter integration, and a brand-new iPhone app that lets you check in and share your latest entertainment options with friends. ("Hey all, I'm about to watch Showgirls! Hope there's no nudity in it!") It basically reminds me of Facebook, only it's geared towards hardcore media junkies. People (like me) who love nothing more than talking (and learning) about great music, television, literature, video games, websites, restaurants, general topics and (most important of all) movies.