Now that the summer is officially here, it's time for a vacation. But not just a vacation from work or school, it's time to take a vacation from our problems -- much like the hilarious Bob Wiley in the modern comedy-classic 'What About Bob?'Bill Murray plays the titular character, an agoraphobic, germaphobic, claustrophobic -- you get the idea -- patient of Dr. Leo Marvin (Richard Dreyfuss), a cocky psychiatrist who puts Bob on hold to go vacation in New Hampshire, and more importantly promote his book on TV.

When Bob can't function without his shrink for that long, he musters up all of his free will to find Dr. Marvin. He tracks down Dr. Marvin and his family in the middle of their vacation at the scenic Lake Winnipesaukee. Dr. Marvin tries his best to get rid of Bob, but his advice backfires; urging the neurotic mess to take a vacation from his problems prompts Bob to move in just down the road. Soon Bob is learning how sail with Dr. Marvin's daughter, teaching his son to swim, and falling for his sister. And the saner Bob gets, the crazier Dr. Marvin gets.
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