With Summer Scenes We Love, we have delved into a number of summer movies that have graced screens over the years, but I wanted to do a little reminiscing about summer in the movies. At least presumably summer. The movie is Reality Bites. This little scene happens towards the beginning of the film, after Lelaina gives her graduation speech, we learn about Vickie's promotion at The Gap, and Troy gets fired and moves in with the girls.

They all head to the gas station Food Mart and load up on chips, snacks, and drinks before "My Sharona" starts playing on the radio, Vickie gets the attendant to turn it up, and everyone, save the mortified Troy, begin to groove. There are scenes you love for their enjoyment factor, and there are those you love because you can relate to them. It wasn't too long after this movie that I started going on last-minute road trips to random inconsequential places with friends, wreaking good-natured havoc on the general population.

While Vickie might have already nabbed the discovery that "Evian" is "naive" spelled backwards, we had our own fun, renaming good-natured waiters, recreating movie scenes and music videos on the fly, or in the case of one friend, dropping to the floor to watch out for Wal Mart's falling prices. The "My Sharona" scene of Reality Bites captures all of that time and age -- snacks as sustenance, whimsical, ridiculous, and obnoxious reactions to favorite indie tunes, greasy hair, over-sized shirts, and even the small smiling grimace of Troy, the one who loves these people, but can't abide by outbursts of exuberant dancing. Hit the jump and head back 16 (egads) years into summers past.