What do you get when the cross the co-writer of The Devil's Backbone, the producers of Pan's Labyrinth, The Orphanage and Transsiberian and the blessings of one of the best filmmakers alive today, Guillermo del Toro? You get the Eugenio Mira-directed Spanish thriller Agnosia. Now, I had not heard about this until Bloody Disgusting mentioned Twitch was fawning over it, but I can definitely see why. Although just a teaser and in Spanish (word on the streets is an English-language one will be available within a day or so), it manages to draw you in with its stunning visuals and aura of creepiness.

There's no dialogue in the trailer, only text, and it's relegated to only a few words, so the fact that it's in Spanish really isn't a big deal if you know what Google Translate is. The plot of the film is as follows:

Joana Prats suffers from agnosia, a strange neuropsychological illness that affects her perception. Although her eyes and ears are in perfect condition, her brain cannot interpret the stimuli she receives through them.

As the only one who knows the industrial secret left behind by her father, the enigmatic young girl will become the victim of a sinister plan to get the information out of her by taking advantage of her sensory confusion.

As the plot unfolds, the two men closest to her will become crucial to its outcome: Carles, Joana´s fiancé and her father´s right-hand man, and Vicent, a young, impulsive servant working at the Prats mansion.

The trailer is available courtesy of the website El Pais and can be found after the jump. Agnosia stars Eduardo Noriega (Transsiberian, Vantage Point), Martina Gedeck (The Good Shepherd) and Bárbara Goenaga (Timecrimes). It's set to be released this October.
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