When I originally pitched a review of G.I. Joe: The Movie to my editors at Cinematical, I admit I had a certain amount of snark in mind when contemplating and comparing the 1987 animated film to its 2009 live-action counterpart. Admittedly, I likedStephen Sommers' film if for no other reason than its effectiveness in transporting me back to a 12-year-old mindset, but the truth is that although I'm some 22 years older, I really was a fan of the series at that age, and it didn't compare.

But the interesting thing I discovered is that neither of these cinematic iterations is any more or less preposterous than the other, nor more or less dramatically credible. In fact, the only difference is that one literally is a cartoon, while the other aspires to the thrilling heights of incredulity of its predecessor. In which case, G.I. Joe: The Movie is essential viewing for any fan young or old of the series, and this new Blu-ray offers presentation so remarkable that it almost preserves all of those affectionate childhood memories.