It's that time of year again -- when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences invites Hollywood's best and brightest to join their ranks as bona fide voting members. This year, 135 makers of film in 21 categories got the call to join the Oscars organization, including recent nominees Carey Mulligan and Jeremy Renner, marquee stars like Ryan Reynolds and Adam Sandler, and... philanthropist rock star/all around good human Bono, the lead singer of U2??

Yes, it's true. Both Bono and his band mate, The Edge, were among the new class of filmmakers invited to join the Academy, ostensibly for their musical contributions to films like Martin Scorsese's Gangs of New York, which earned them an Oscar nod for the song "The Hands That Built America." Hey, Bono's been knighted and was once nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. In short, the man's a saint. Let him vote for Best Picture!

Eagle-eyed awards watchers spotted another familiar, but unexpected, name on the list: actor Tobin Bell, better known in some circles as Jigsaw, his character from the Saw series. To date, Bell's won two MTV Movie Award popcorn statuettes AND a Fangoria Chainsaw Award for the role. How many of his fellow 6,000 strong AMPAS members can boast a similar feat?

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