Congrats to The Illusionist for winning last week's Trailer Park poll, which had a more widely distributed outcome than normal. Following the French animated film's 27%, second place goes to The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader with 17% closely ahead of Never Let Me Go and Centurion.

I guess it's fair that after last week's amazing crop of trailers for great-looking films that this week would be a disaster for the Trailer Park. The trailers are so bad this week that I've had to go ahead and include the seemingly hundredth spot for Inception -- and of course it tops my chart, because it still looks spectacular. There were also so few high-profile trailers this week that I had to include those I'd have excluded in better weeks. So, I apologize for again giving attention to the Little Fockers teaser. And I'm slightly annoyed that The Green Hornet is comparatively good enough in this week's bunch to be so highly placed in my rankings.

So I'm certain that Inception will also end up winning this week's Trailer Park poll. If so, I think we can all agree that the film wins the award for best trailer(s) of the year. It helps that the film itself looks so darn well that even mediocre spots would make us want to see it. In any event, I really do hope some other marketers (and filmmakers) step up their game in the future. Pretty soon (July 16), Inception is going to hit theaters, and something else is going to have to take over our excitement.

This week's trailer rankings and poll after the jump.