Between "Dancing with the Stars," "So You Think You Can Dance," "America's Best Dance Crew," and the You Got Served/Stomp the Yard/Step Up films, dance fans have seen the art form enjoy a pop culture rebirth of late. Later this summer, Step Up 2: The Streets director Jon M. Chu will bring dance cinema into the third dimension with Step Up 3D, a sequel that promises to pop and lock its way out of the screen and straight into my eyeballs. But before Step Up steps into 3D this August, Chu and his stable of talented dancers are tackling another uncharted territory: the Interweb.

Part superhero saga, part dance exhibition, Chu's web series "The LXD" -- short for the comic-inspired title "The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers" -- will employ dozens of performers of all styles to tell an epic, time-jumping story about, well, superheroes whose powers come from their dancing abilities. If you're a dance nerd, you'll recognize some of Chu's players (Madd Chadd, anyone?). If you're a fan of all things geek, the "Heroes"-esque elements might hook you. If you're both a dance fan AND a geek, you'll definitely have to check out the gorgeous trailer for "The LXD."

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