Edward Scissorhands remakeWho knows how the latest Internet rumor -- that Robert Pattinson will be cast as Edward Scissorhands in a remake of Tim Burton's 1990 movie -- got started. We blame Twitter.

Now granted, to some fans, Pattinson wouldn't seem like the worst choice in the world: In the 'Twilight' movies, he's certainly pale and has spiky hair, just like Johnny Depp in the original film. He could probably rock some of that goth-wear, too.

And of course, Pattinson already plays a guy named Edward, so he wouldn't get confused if the director accidentally called him by his 'Scissorhands' character's name. (In fact, we recommend that Pattinson only plays characters named "Edward" from now on. Next up: King Edward? Edward R. Murrow?)
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