Woody Allen has been writing and directing films for 45 years, and has managed to amass sixty-three writing credits (including television), and forty-six directorial credits. He's one of the few filmmakers to work steadily throughout his entire career, and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. But of all those films -- many of which are classics -- which does he feel a particular affinity to?

In a candid interview with The Times[registration is required], Allen spoke out about aging, casting, romance, and what he thinks of his long cinematic career, which he doesn't feel all too hot about. He explains: "I've squandered an opportunity that people would kill for. I have had complete artistic freedom. Other directors don't get that in their lifetime. But I have a very poor record given the opportunities I've had." Allen goes on to praise the likes of Fellini and Kurosawa, while saying of his own features: "There are a few better than others, half a dozen, but it's a surprising paucity of worthwhile celluloid."

Care to take a guess on what those six films are? Here are two hints: Neither Annie Hall nor Manhattan make the list.
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