Shout! Factory is quickly becoming my new BFF. In case you've been asleep while the Squad has been drooling over the newly released and pimped out DVDs from Shout!, catch up with us over here and over here. Done? Moving right along. The good folks at Shout! will be at Comic-Con this year (#3749, main show floor), and they have a great lineup in store for fans -- along with a few other goodies that should put the B in B-movies.

The tantalizing list of talent on tap with Shout!: Roger Corman and Joe Dante for starters! Add to this, Julie Corman, Allan Holzman (Galaxy of Terror, Forbidden World), Sid Haig (Galaxy of Terror, The Devil's Rejects), Mary Woronov (Death Race 2000, Rock'n'Roll High School), Stephen Collins (Tales of the Gold Monkey, Star Trek: The Motion Picture), Gregg Berger (voice of "Spirit" in the G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero and "Grimlock" in The Transformers original animated series), Larry Blamire (The Lost Skeleton Returns Again), among other notables.

Shout! Factory's Comic-Con panel will be presenting Roger Corman: B-Movie King on Friday, July 23 at 5:30 PM (Room 25ABC), where actors and filmmakers will be sharing insights into Corman's career. Grindhouse and exploitation junkies will especially enjoy the highlights on Corman's New World Pictures era. Audiences will also have the chance to peek at Shout!'s previously mentioned Roger Corman Cult Classics lineup, hear from Alex Stapleton (director of the upcoming film King of the B's: The Independent Life of Roger Corman), participate in a Q&A, and dig in to some great interactive events -- including signings and giveaways.

Hit the jump for some more specifics and say hi to Mr. Corman and friends for me if you'll be at the Con!

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