Doctor WhoFor those that don't live in England and would not dream of doing an illegal act such as torrenting, British science-fiction show Doctor Who just wrapped up its season this past weekend. To say the least, the show is fairly popular.

Showrunner Steven Moffat (who wrote the season finale) happens to have a son who is also an aspiring documentary filmmaker. After they watched the finale together, Moffat's son (who calls himself "armytedd" on YouTube) filmed an informal interview with his father about the program and uploaded it to his YouTube site. The interview does give some insite about Moffat's writing technique and concepts for the show.

Fortunately, like most YouTube videos, this one can be embedded. So watch it yourself and dream of being the son of the man currently in charge of Doctor Who. What questions would you ask Steven Moffat if you had the opportunity for a private interview?
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