Howard Marks and Rhys Ifans attends screening of Mr Nice at the Edinburgh International Film FestivalThis year's Edinburgh Film Festival has drawn its share of criticism for a lacklustre programme and for showcasing a weak field of Brit pictures competing for the Michael Powell Award. However the prizes, announced last night, happily put the focus on the triumphs and achievements of the 12-day event, rather than the disappointments.

Winning the Michael Powell Award for Best New British Feature is Skeletons, from Nick Whitfield. Andrew Buckley and Ed Gaughan star as ghostbusters who banish their clients' past misdeeds from their metaphorical closets. A Special Mention was awarded to Edward and Rory McHenry's stop-frame WWII-themed puppet animation Jackboots On Whitehall: think a British Team America: World Police, set in 1940.

Best Performance in a British Feature went to David Thewlis for Mr Nice, which tells the story of legendary drug smuggler Howard Marks. We only hope that Rhys Ifans, who actually plays Marks, isn't too miffed at being pipped to the prize by his co-star in a supporting role.

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