John Cusack in 'Say Anything'John Cusack has played an impressive variety of movie roles over the years -- but one genre in which he has consistently excelled is romantic comedies.

Indeed, many women who grew up watching his self-deprecatingly funny, realitically cool, hopelessly romantic characters felt let down when it came to their actual, real-life boyfriends. How could mere mortals compete with the sweet, lovestruck smart-asses that Cusack embodies onscreen? These characters, spouting fantastically witty yet sensitive dialogue made up by screenwriters (including Cusack himself in the case of 'High Fidelity'), are, of course, fictional constructs.

But we won't let reality get in the way of our fantasies. On the occasion of Cusack's 44th birthday (June 28), we're celebrating with a Top 5 list that would make Cusack's Rob in 'High Fidelity' proud: our all-time Top 5 Cusack Character Boyfriends.
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