It may take a different kind of female superhero to finally bring Wonder Woman to the big screen -- X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner. If producer Joel Silver isn't ready to commit to a live-action adaptation of the DC comic book, Donner is.

"They don't want it, but I just think she's the greatest character. She's right up there, as you know, with Superman and Batman, the three of them," Donner told Sci-Fi Wire. "I want to produce Wonder Woman. I've campaigned for it. I'm going to campaign some more."

That kind of passion will be important in re-introducing the Amazonian to modern audiences, whose memories of Wonder Woman may be too closely tied into the chintzy 1970s television show. "I think you need to stay close to the myth," Donner explained, "but the studio, I know, wants to make it accessible, i.e., somewhat contemporary. I think there is a way to do it." Let's hope she gets her wish. If done right, Wonder Woman could be a truly unique action-fantasy film, and re-vitalize the character for years to follow.
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