Adam Gierasch's remake of Night of the Demonshas had a long and arduous road to release. The title got bumped around numerous times -- slotted for release then delayed -- and then it just sort of disappeared completely. Today, we have yet another release date for the film.

The good news is that it appears as though the movie will finally be viewable on October 19th of this year. The bad news is that the title, once slated for a theatrical release, has now been relegated to going direct to DVD and Blu-ray.

This isn't an absolutely shocking move -- while the film has an exciting B-movie cast including Shannon Elizabeth, Tiffany Shepis, Monica Keena, and Edward Furlong, it's not exactly a group guaranteed to get people to pony up theater prices to see it on the big screen. The original is a cult favorite, so there's not even a huge audience who'd view it theatrically based on its lineage.

The film tells the tale of Angela -- a young girl who throws the ultimate Halloween party at a haunted New Orleans mansion. After the police shut the shindig down, Angela and six other people stay behind -- and soon find themselves trapped inside with a malevolent force. Gory hijinks are sure to ensue.

E1 Entertainment is bringing Night of the Demons to DVD and Blu-ray -- no word yet on the suggested retail price or what extras might be included, but we'll be sure to share them as soon as they're announced. This might not be the perfect ending for this project, but it is at least nice to know we'll finally be able to see the film.

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