9 to 5

In 9 to 5, Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, and Dolly Parton play three hard-working women whose boss is a sexist oinker. Violet (Tomlin) is a widow and mother with nerves of steel, but as she watches the men she's trained climb past her on the corporate ladder, she's getting close to losing her cool. Fonda plays Judy, a seemingly milquetoast divorcee whose husband left her for his secretary; her job as a secretary is her first foray into the working world, and Violet takes her under her wing. Dolly, meanwhile, is Doralee, the Gal Friday to their "sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot" boss, Franklin Hart Jr., played by Dabney Coleman.

The women team up one night over drinks (and a little marijuana) after Hart has pushed them all too far. Doralee, who is constantly having to fight off Hart's lecherous advances, finally realizes that the reason none of the other employees want to have lunch with her is because they think she's having an affair with Hart; Violet is passed over yet again for a promotion, and Judy is berated by Hart for an incident with the Xerox machine. Their plan for revenge goes horribly but hilariously awry, but first the three ladies fantasize about how they'd torment their boss.

9 to 5 isn't just one of my favorite karaoke songs, it's also one of my favorite childhood films. At that time, I adored Lily Tomlin just from seeing her on Saturday Night Live,Laugh-In repeats, and Sesame Street -- I was especially fond of her characters Edith Ann and the Operator. I loved Dolly Parton and her big smile, long fingernails, and Southern sweetness. I also like to think it's because my mom is a working woman, and I've always been proud of her.