Here's an unlikely movie pairing: Politically inclined indie filmmaker Spike Lee and mega-blockbuster director/producer James Cameron, who are reportedly looking to team up on the terrorist thriller 'Nagasaki Deadline.'

Deadline is reporting that Lee is closing a deal to direct, with Cameron on board as one of the film's producers via his Lightstorm Entertainment company.

'Nagasaki Deadline' follows a troubled FBI agent and his desperate race to thwart two terrorist attacks on American soil. While racing against the clock to stop the current attacks, the fed -- would we be wrong to assume that Lee's favorite leading man Denzel Washington gets first crack at the role? -- pursues a hunch that the plot is tied to historical events.

The project has its own troubled history: It was shelved after 9/11 when the plot too eerily mirrored real life. A recent attempt to revive the film, with a rewrite from 'Cast Away's' William Broyles fell apart when then-director Martin Campbell opted to make 'The Green Lantern' with Ryan Reynolds instead.
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