There are fans. There are obsessives. Then there are the people featured in 'We Are The Children', a documentary revolving around a group of Michael Jackson fans during the singer's 2004 child molestation trial.

Circus is a kind word to use when describing the swarm of media that descended upon Los Angeles to cover the trial, and some of the most indelible images from those days were the ardent Jackson supporters who believed that their hero could do no wrong. While everyone with an opinion had endless debate over Jackson's innocence or guilt, 'We Are The Children' eschews the questions surrounding the trial and focuses on the devout (or insane, depending on your point of view) supporters that organized dance parties, held vigils at Neverland and became the vocal minority.

With renewed fervor coinciding with the one-year anniversary of Jackson's death, 'We Are The Children' takes a non-judgmental view at Jackson's biggest supporters and offers an illuminating view of fans behind the sound bites.
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