This brand spankin' new trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will make you quiver in your Quidditch cloak. This high-def trailer teases us with a taste of both the first and second Deathly Hallows movies. Here we see Harry, Hermione, Ron, and even Voldemort looking a little rough around the edges as the climax of the series comes upon us. There's flying motorcycles, Voldemort's army, fires, spell-casting, screaming, crying, a giant white dragon, a hungry snake, wand-waving, and a smooch as Harry and his pals hurdle way past puberty towards what could be the end of the world.

Even Muggles will be impressed by the awe-inspiring camerawork and creepy feeling of our first peek at the final showdown between Harry and old Voldy, so grab your wands and hold on tight... The clip is after the jump.

(By the way, this officially means you don't have to go see Twilight: Eclipse in theaters just to see the new Harry Potter trailer. Just sayin'.)