With the upcoming promise of a Paranormal Activity 2trailer attached to Eclipse, people are gearing up for what we all hope to be a stellar October of horror flicks. Joining PA2 this October 22nd is Saw VII, and despite being released in 3D I'm sure everyone is hoping it will be able to continue the momentum the franchise regained with the pretty solid Saw VI. Before the golden child of horror from last year goes head-to-head with this decade's biggest franchise, Funny or Die may be inadvertently giving us a look at the victor this October in "Paranormal Saw."

Immersing Jigsaw into the world of Paranormal Activity, "Paranormal Saw" shows is what happens when Jigsaw haunts a young couple attempting to film evidence of a ghostly presence in their home. It starts out relatively slow, though manages to actually become pretty funny in an incredibly absurd way about halfway through. If anything, some of the one-liners might give you a laugh, especially at the end.

Thanks to Shock for bringing this to our attention.

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