Mention the word "genie" and the average person on the street thinks of one of two things: Barbara Eden's exposed midriff or Disney's Aladdin. That's tragic, considering genies were once something to be feared. We've seen the creatures return to their horror roots in movies like Wishmaster and now the French are getting in on the act with Stranded.

BD has the lowdown on the film, directed by Hugues and Sandra Martin. Stranded is set in 1960 in the North African desert. A group of soldiers are sent on a rescue mission, but become separated from their commander during a sandstorm. While trying to reconvene, they encounter rebels and eventually take refuge in an unmarked village -- where they run into something far worse than armed soldiers.

The film's promo clip turned up on YouTube earlier this month and it looks pretty good. Hard to not see it and think of Red Sands, a title that was a bit of a letdown, but maybe this is the movie that will get it right.

Stranded is still seeking US distribution, but it seems likely that someone will give it a shot if the promo reel is any indication of the overall film's quality. Jump past the break and have a look at it for yourself.
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