Pixar's acclaimed Toy Story 3 survived an onslaught of mass appeal to stay on top for a second straight week, beating out both Adam Sandler's Grown Ups and the Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz action comedy Knight and Day. The animated film's $59 million second weekend -- a 46% drop, very strong for a movie that opened so huge -- suggests that Toy Story 3 may become the studio's highest-grossing release ever, eventually topping Finding Nemo's $340 million total. It's at $225 million already, after two weeks.

I don't have much to say about Grown Ups' $41 million, second place opening, rather than to suggest that it's a little bit sad. It's very typical, perhaps a bit above-average for a mainstream Adam Sandler film. If it holds up, $150 million is not out of the question; $120 seems almost assured.

The $20 million 3-day number for Knight & Day is a bit mysterious. That number isn't too far beyond the $15 million opening for Killers, which had a similar theme but nowhere near the star wattage. Given the presence of Cruise and Diaz, the many rollicking action scenes from which to cut a trailer, and the fact that the movie's actually pretty damn good, I'd call this a whiff for Fox. Tom Cruise delivered a stronger opening for Valkyrie, for pete's sake. (I note for the record that the movie's actually made $27 million since its Wednesday opening -- but I don't think that really helps matters.)

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