The cast of mutants for X-Men: First Class is shaping up quite nicely, which should be a surprise to no one given director Matthew Vaughn's track record of perfect casting (whether or not you enjoy each film, it's hard to argue against the casting of any single role throughout Layer Cake, Stardust or Kick-Ass). First we learned of James McAvoy as Professor X, then came confirmation of Michael Fassbender as Magneto, and now comes news that Alice Eve will put on the superhero tights as Emma Frost.

Borys Kit at Heat Vision shares the news, but details are little lite beyond the simple casting. I'm a little rough on my X-Men history, but if I remember correctly Frost started off as the villainous White Queen and only eventually turned just and joined the X-Men. However, given that First Class is going to be the "young X-Men" movie, I'm guessing the roles may be reversed and later in life she'll become the White Queen. Though someone better versed in the X-Men universe is far more qualified to muse on those possibilities than I.

As for the casting itself, I haven't seen a single thing that Alice Eve is in, soI'm just going to have to trust Vaughn on this one. If you happened to catch She's Out of My League earlier this year, though, do share whether or not you think Eve is a nice fight for the telepathic Emma Frost.
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