Despite my many attempts to see the greatness everyone else sees in The Descent, I am a fan of Neil Marshall's work. I think Dog Soldiers is a cool sampling of military horror/werewolf fun, Doomsday is a gleeful hat tip to the genre mishmashes of the '80s, and even his latest film, Centurion, is an enjoyable (if not perfect), men-on-a-mission/sword and sandals combination. The UK director has a few irons in the fire, the hottest of which appears to be Burst 3D for Ghost House Pictures and Lionsgate.

Burst 3D is not yet in production, but as Marshall tells FEARNet, if it is indeed his next film (and it looks like it will be), then it will be a series of firsts for him: 1) the plot involves aliens somehow 2) the film will be in 3D (a big duh given the title) and 3) despite the often extreme gore Marshall has put on the big screen, he hasn't spent much time exploding people.

Beyond that details are pretty slim, but I'm not even sure I want to know more. Marshall directing, Sam Raimi/Rob Tapert producing, and people going pop is pretty much all I need to know about Burst 3D to be on board.
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