If you haven't heard of Larry Blamire, that actually probably pretty reasonable. Reasonable or not, your ignorance of this man and his work is piteous. In 2001, he released a film called The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra; a pitch perfect, wonderfully bizarre parody of 50's Sci-Fi films. To say it was an under the radar release is a massive understatement; the film was truly a lost gem. Blamire created a brand of comedy that was 100% unique and his treatment of the genre displayed a rare but respectable appreciation. I saw this film thanks to Sci-Fi Squad Sea Monster John Gholson a few years ago and I lost my mind. It was one of the funniest films I had ever seen. I began speaking with writer/director Larry Blamire on Twitter and realized he was just as demented in real life as the characters in his films.

Larry followed The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra with a sequel called The Lost Skeleton Returns Again which, though it suffers from a sluggish third act, has moments that rival the original in hilarity. Immediately thereafter, Blamire made Dark and Stormy Night. Dark and Stormy Night is about the family of millionaire Sinas Cavinder who gather for the reading of his will only to find his house is haunted. Though I haven't seen it yet, I can't imagine a reason not to own this film. The opportunity to see Blamire do for haunted house horror what he did for 50's Sci-Fi is nothing I want to miss.

You can preorder both Dark and Stormy Night and The Lost Skeleton Returns Again from Amazon. They will both be released on August 17th. Let's keep this guy working!
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