- That's a picture of Johnny Depp. Well, the character he voices, anyway, in Rango. For the full teaser poster, head over to /Film.

- So far I'm pretty curious about how X-Men: First Class will be, since I honestly have no clue who most of these people being cast (or rumored to be cast) are. The latest to make me feel out of touch, too old and honestly a failed movie blogger is Alice Eve, who is in negotiations to play the part of young telepath Emma Frost. Eve was in She's Out of My League and Sex and the City 2, neither of which I've seen. She takes the role over Rosamund Pike, who apparently auditioned but didn't get the gig. Well, at least I can still say I'm looking forward to James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. In other Marvel news, Tommy Lee Jones is officially confirmed for a role in Captain America: The First Avenger.

- A British ingenue I'm more familiar with, Carey Mulligan is set to play a teenager again, this time possibly opposite Jodie Foster in Fox Searchlight's Stoker. The Wentworth Miller-scripted film will see Mulligan as an eccentric girl whose estranged uncle returns following the death of her father.
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