If most people suddenly came into millions of dollars they would buy big houses and expensive cars. Not me. I'd like to just squirrel away my newly flush funds so that every year I could make the pilgrimage to a few select film festivals. Sure, Cannes and Sundance are two of the most talked about film festivals in the world, but for me the "wish I had enough money to go" fests are Fantasia, Sitges and Fantastic Fest. Fortunately I live in the home town of the latter, so I do get to attend that glorious week of genre programming, but it's Fantasia that currently has me longing for disposal income thanks to its initial line-up announcement.

Dread Central has done a great job of culling together all of the various press releases on the matter to put together one great list of reasons you too should be wishing for the coin to travel to Montreal this July 8th to the 27th for Fantasia. If I had to pick just one title to be excited about, it would have to be Christopher Smith's Black Death, but it's certainly got some stiff competition:

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