That's right, today we celebrate the birth of one of the great pioneers of both horror and sci-fi: Mr. Ray Harryhausen. His work is legendary and undeniably signature. I am sorry to say that I did not discover Harryhausen as a child but rather when I moved to Austin and began watching a new film every day. However the reason behind my youthful ignorance of Harryhausen is as much a compliment to the artist as one can pay: I was scared stiff of his monsters. Fleeting glimpses of his beasts as my father would channel surf on a lazy Saturday would send me running from the room in desperate retreat. Given that horror films are now akin to the air I breathe or the Hostess snack cakes I devour, this man can definitely be credited with leaving an impression on me.

So in honor of the birth of this genius, I will do my best, meager though it may be, to pay him adequate tribute. Jump past the bump to hear me gush about the man and some of my favorite Harryhausen films. Warning, I may spoil some unseen fare. Further warning, a kraken may or may not jump out of a birthday cake.
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