Blade: The Television SeriesRecognizing that comics are a dying and/or niche industry, Marvel Entertainment has taken it upon themselves to form a television division of their product. And who gets put in charge of it? Jeph Loeb, who is a movie writer turned comic writer turned television writer.

It always bothered me that Marvel can't turn any of its properties into successful science fiction dramas. We've had several attempts, including Spike's laughable television version of Blade (pictured). There was a Generation X television movie at one point. The cartoons have done okay, but that's about it.

The character I would be most interested in seeing on TV is Spider-Girl, the supposed "future" story of Spider-Man and Mary Jane's daughter created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz. It would be like Buffy, but with super-villains rather than vampires. So what do you think? Which Marvel character could you watch weekly on television?
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