Just a quick note about Bitter Feast, the latest film from Glass Eye Pix that a few of us here at Horror Squad have come to be big fans of. Back when I interviewed Joe Maggio prior to the premiere of Bitter Feast at the L.A. Film Festival, the writer-director of this wry chef-gets-revenge-on-his-biggest-critic story thought that distributor MPI Media Group would let the film ease its way around the festival circuit in the fall and then release the film on DVD some time around February. Looks like that has changed.

B-D tells us that MPI will be putting Bitter Feast out on DVD this coming October 26th. While I would have loved to see it build some great word of mouth around the country first, I can't say that I'm sad to have the film readily available far sooner than expected. Oh, and if you've missed out on our past mentions of Maggio's film, give some of these links a try out:

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