If there's one thing that we gleaned from the recent League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen's interview with Joe R. Lansdale, its that the sequel to 2003's Bubba Ho-tep may still happen. While Lansdale isn't directly involved, director Don Coscarelli is still trying to put the pieces in place that would bring Elvis back to battle a different breed of supernatural adversary. In the original film, Bruce Campbell donned the rhinestone jumpsuit to an ancient mummy from devouring the souls of his fellow senior citizens. As was rumored around the net just after the release, Lansdale confirmed that the sequel would pit the King of Rock and Roll against a clutch of geriatric vampires in and around New Orleans.

Hell. Yes.

The only rub is that Bruce Campbell has indeed departed the project. While he hasn't officially signed on for the part, Ron Perlman has expressed interest in wearing the blue suede shoes this time out, with Paul Giamatti acting as the notorious Col. Tom Parker (Elvis' long time manager). I'm quite giddy at the possibility, even though this might never happen. It's still a ways off. While Ho-tep was a cult hit, it didn't experience enough financial success to immediately greenlight the sequel.

Check out the entirety of our time with the loquacious Lansdale below, where he touches on other potential adaptations, like his desire for a Greg Nicotero-helmed 'The Drive-In'.

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