Warning: this double feature may make you itch. With summer movies getting bigger and bigger every year, I thought it would be a good idea to focus on a pair of movies with microscopic themes. We should start with Joe Dante's Innerspace (1987), whose release was somehow botched over the July Fourth weekend. Perhaps it was bad advertising or something, but the movie just never did the business that it should have. I remember that in my small town, it never even turned up in a regular run during the summer. The first time I had a chance to see it was at a midnight show sometime after the school year started in the fall.

I have seen it many times since, and I'm always impressed at how smooth it is, and how well it sustains its mood, humor, character development, chases and everything else throughout its entire length. Of course, Dennis Quaid stars as Tuck Pendleton, a pilot who volunteers to be miniaturized and injected into a lab rabbit. Instead he is accidentally injected into Jack Putter (Martin Short), a supermarket clerk. (Gotta love those character names!) It's the ultimate mismatched pair to the rescue as they must enlist the aid of Tuck's angry girlfriend Lydia (Meg Ryan), defeat the villain known as the Cowboy (Robert Picardo) and get Tuck back to his normal size before he runs out of air.