This past Monday, producer Lauren Shuler Donner, wife of Richard Donner, told that an upcoming Constantine sequel was in the works but it hit some "bumps in the road." Keanu Reeves was reportedly still involved and the film in question was definitely a sequel, not a reboot. And now it may be slowly gearing back up again, slowly but surely like The Little Engine that Could.

With all due respect: oh hell no.

This news brings out the inner angry black woman in me (yes, every white jewish nerd has one) because, well, who wants a sequel to an adaptation that was quirky and maybe even visually striking thanks to director Frances Lawrence but just flat-out stillborn? Based on the comic book character created by Alan Moore and turned into a Vertigo comic book series by writer Jamie Delano, John Constantine is a striking, even unique character and he deserves a good movie adaptation. Constantine was not it.
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