Much like the two filmmakers who preceded him, David Slade's work prior to his stint on the Twilightsaga both makes him perfect and ill-suited to take the reins of the franchise. His debut, Hard Candy, also featured a seemingly helpless young female cast into a world she can't control, and his follow-up, 30 Days of Night, focused on a community of bloodsuckers. But the maturity and intensity of those two movies runs contrary to the decidedly more mild tone of his Twilight installment, Eclipse, even if it does feature the series' most ferocious fight sequences.

Cinematical recently sat down with Slade for an interview during the Los Angeles press day for Eclipse. In addition to talking about his own creative impulses, Slade talked about crafting a coherent new installment in the series, and reflected on the way each film serves in some ways as a reaction to its predecessors.