I imagine the rumor mill will dub each and every one of the final five (no wait -- final seven!) contenders "the new Spider-Man!" before we actually have a confirmation of who really is the new webslinger. So, a few weeks after hearing that Jamie Bell was really and truly Spider-Man, now Blue Sky Disney says Josh Hutcherson is the once and rebooted Peter Parker.

Is he really? It would confirm what Drew McWeeny heard earlier this month, though the dedicated scoop-hunters at Latino Review have been told by their source that it isn't Hutcherson. The actor himself would only confess to having screen tested for the role. In fact, one might say he sounded pretty uncertain about the process to Superhero Hype, who just caught up with the actor today. Hutcherson said he "really doesn't know what's going on with everything right now" but that playing Spider-Man would be a "game changer" for him.

Of course, actors sign and deny all the time, but it's hard to reconcile those uncertain quotes with Blue Sky's news that everything is a done deal. There's also the potential for a major schedule conflict, as CinemaBlend also talked to Hutcherson today and found that he's shooting Journey to the Center of the Earth 2 in Australia and Hawaii this fall.

So, Hutcherson may or may not be the new Spider-Man. The other six actors may or may not be Spider-Man. I think we'll have a new Spidey before ComicCon, but for now, the rumor mill is still spinning its webs.
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