Bram Stoker's Dracula'Eclipse' comes out this week in all its werewolf-vampire-love-triangle glory... which got us thinking about movie monsters before they were the objects of our angst-ridden love and affection, back when werewolves were more famous for their grotesque transformations than their rock hard pecs (not that we're complaining.)

Incredible transformation scene involve more than just werewolves and vampires. They have introduced us to the most iconic monsters and mythical characters on film, all the while showcasing the history of special effects. Originally they relied on makeup, camera tricks and cross-fades before graduating to prosthetics, stop-animation and eventually CGI.

Regardless of their age or technology, some of these transformations still succeed in keeping us up all night -- scaring us to the point of locking our bedroom doors and barricading them with a chair. How else are you supposed to keep werewolves out?

Watch and enjoy our tribute to some of the greatest movie transformations. We hope they won't leave you with too many sleepless nights.