I'm a stickler for the rules of logic in time travel movies, but even though I have one very specific problem with Nacho Vigalondo's feature film debut, I really like Timecrimes. It might not hold up to the ontological paradox, but it's still a highly enjoyable and resourceful little thriller. Which is precisely why I've been eagerly looking forward to whatever Vigalondo pins down as his next feature. It certainly doesn't hurt that he's just a such a charming guy in person that you can only wish more success for him. If you come to Fantastic Fest, I highly recommend taking the time to watch him do karaoke; it's a riot (video proof is below the jump!).

But let's not talk about Vigalondo's microphone prowess, let's talk about Extraterrestre, his second film. He actually explained its plot back in April, but a June 24th post explains that the bulk of the film will begin shooting this July. I've included the complete Google translation of his post below, but the gist of it is that he wants to make an anti-War of the Worlds; an alien invasion film where the protagonists never clash with the actual aliens, they only spend their time doing "useless activities" while hearing about rumors of the invasion. That's kind of a neat hook, if you ask me.
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