Walter Mitty rides again. James Thurber's classic character, so ably played by Danny Kaye in 1947's 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,' will come to the big screen again under the command of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' maestro Gore Verbinski. Fox, the latest in a long line of studios that have tried to do a remake of the film (following Samuel Goldwyn, Paramount and New Line) has signed Verbinski, thus signaling their serious stab at updating the tale of the mild-mannered, day-dreaming book editor who imagines all sorts of exciting lives for himself. According to a report in Variety, Verbinski could begin shooting 'Walter Mitty' as early as spring; the studio is now casting for the project. 'Walter Mitty' has been a buzz property in Hollywood for a couple of years, with such directors as Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard and Chuck Russell interested in it. Actors who have found the Mitty part to their liking have included Jim Carrey and Owen Wilson.
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