He Walks Through Walls Of Solid Steel And Stone... Into The 4th Dimension!

Shot in Pennsylvania, 4D Man (1959) is one of the two films that director Irvin S. Yeaworth, Jr.and producer Jack H. Harris made after their highly successful collaboration on 1958's The Blob (the other being the lesser-known but quite entertaining Dinosaurus! (1960)). Interestingly, after Yeaworth's short affair with sci-fi feature filmmaking ended, he returned to his true calling: directing and producing religious short films and TV programs for, among others, Billy Graham.

The film involves scientist brothers-at-odds and a device that allows objects to pass into the fourth dimension (which, in essence, makes the object intangible). In a fit of jealous rage, one of the brothers uses the device on himself and goes on a crime spree; unfortunately, spending time in the fourth dimension sucks away his "lifeforce" at an incredible rate, and the only way he can restore it by stealing the lifeforce from others. It's up to the other brother to stop the 4D Man before it's too late.

Click through for the film's full poster art (which does a better-than-average job of depicting the film's strange subject matter) and a German-language trailer.

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