Once upon a time I started a feature called Terror Tapes here at Horror Squad. My vision was to give unsung, sometimes for good reason, horror films that never made the format leap from VHS to DVD their moment in the sun. Being that Austin is the home of the two greatest video stores known to man, Vulcan Video and I Luv Video, it seemed the ideal outlet for my already obsessive renting habits. I was enjoying hunting for titles and researching each one to make sure it was unavailable on DVD. The films displayed a range in quality that can only be accurately measured by the Hubble telescope, but there were a few winners and in the bunch. Hell, even the worst of these tapes proved entertaining for one reason or another.

But then tragedy struck, my VCR died. I found that it was much harder to procure a replacement in Austin than I could have possibly imagined. For what seemed an eternity, I wanted for low caliber films in Hi-Fi. Then, as if ordained by Cthulu himself, one of my like-minded horrophiles presented me with not one but two VCRs; a donation to perpetuate the madness of Terror Tapes. I want to extend a special thanks to Noah Lee, loyal reader and commenter here at Horror Squad, for his generosity.

To repay him, I am subjecting everyone to The Outing.
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