Here we have it, our Final Four for Cinematical's Best Summer Movie of All Time Tournament. Man, are we really halfway through the season already, let alone nearly done with our little whatsit? Wasn't it just yesterday that everyone was eager to see Jonah Hex and voting relentlessly for, um... Smokey and the Bandit?

Next week's the real nail-biter of the two pairings (hint: Vader vs. Raiders), but this week's vote will mark the divide between an old-school classic of boundless influence and what will likely be the defining blockbuster of this generation. Which way will our readers skew? Only the numbers can say, and in two weeks, right before Nolan's next big thing drops, the winner of this showdown will take on next week's victor for the title of Best Summer Movie of All Time.

(God help me if it somehow goes to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, even without it being in the running. I mean, $30 million at midnight shows alone?!)

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