It's time for aliens, necrophiliacs, and comic romance for this week's Movie Clubs:

Peter Hall reveals his fear of aliens as he takes a stab at M. Night Shyamalan's alien fest Signs for SciFi Squad. After seeing the film at least six times, he writes: " Even with that many viewings, it still manages to push my alien-fearing buttons."

Alison Nastasi, meanwhile, dug into a little horror flick called Aftermath. Rather than a post-film write-up, Alison tackled a live discussion chat over at Horror Squad, discussing aspects such as Catholic imagery and the balance of gore and art in horror films. She wrote: "Aftermath shows that you can straddle a line between being disturbingly unpleasant and at least somewhat intellectual at the same time."

Finally, I dug into something more real-life with Kevin Smith's Chasing Amy: "
Ultimately, Smith was able to offer something few are able to do -- or are even interested in doing -- offer entertainment with depth, to make an argument for honest discussion (which is practically unheard of in Hollywood films) and even dare to throw in wisdom."

Zip through the links and leave your thoughts on each pick, as well as any films you're itching to see us delve into in the future. In the meantime, you can watch the next round kick off with Dirty Harry on Friday night.
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