"After [Toy Story] came out, I remember I would set my toys up," says John Morris, who started voicing the toys' owner, Andy, at age 7. "I'd leave them a certain way on my bed and I'd crack the door open to see if anything was happening -- if they were moving or something. I was always hoping to catch them in the act. The films just made you believe."

In a short interview with the L.A. Times, Morris -- who stayed with the trilogy and provided Andy's voice in all three Toy Story movies -- says that the third film of the trilogy resonated with him because he went through a similar journey himself. When he went to college in 2003, he sorted through his toys, including a beloved "My Buddy" doll, and had to decide what to do with them.

"Some of them I gave to my little sister," he said. "Some of them I saved in the attic to give to my future kids. The rest I sort of displayed on a shelf. You don't realize how hard it is to let some of them go until you're faced with it. You kind of just want to play with them one last time."
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